[2023-Oct-20] Our paper on “The Effects of Group Composition and Dynamics on Collective Problem-Solving”, with Abdullah Almaatouq, Ming Yin, and Duncan J. Watts has been accepted and is forthcoming in Topics in Cognitive Science :tada:
[2023-Jul-17] Presented at IC2S2 2023 in Copenhagen:
[2022-Oct-8] Presented a talk on “Integrative, high-throughput experimentation to explore social cooperation” at the “Measuring Belief Systems in Networked Communities” workshop at Princeton
[2022-Jun-7] Passed my qualifying exams — thank you to Professors Abdullah Almaatouq, John Horton, Wanda Orlikowski, and Kartik Hosanagar for their support!
[2021-Nov-4] Presented a parallel talk at CODE 2021 on “Collective Problem-Solving Across Tasks of Varying Complexity”
[2020-Sep-18] Joined the Information Technology group at MIT Sloan as a PhD student!